Were you trying to do the right thing and are now a victim of workplace retaliation?

retaliation-boston-maRetaliation includes any adverse action taken against an employee for filing a lawful complaint with their employer or supporting another employee’s complaint.  For example, where and employee alleges harassment or discrimination and is later punished for making that complaint, that punishment amounts to unlawful retaliation. Employers also are prohibited from punishing employees for exercising other rights assured to them like requesting a reasonable accommodation for a disability or applying for medical leave under the Family Medical Leave Act.

  • Did you report illegal activity, discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace and your employer took adverse action?

If you answered yes to this question, you may be a victim of workplace retaliation, which is a violation of both Massachusetts and federal law. To schedule an appointment with an experienced employment discrimination lawyer, contact our Boston law office.

Doing Nothing is Not an Option – Fight for your Workplace Rights

retaliation-boston-maDid your employer take adverse action against you for reporting illegal activity, discrimination or sexual harassment? At Greene and Hafer our experienced attorneys can help you determine if you have legal recourse and guide you through the process ensuring justice and your rights are served.

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