The most effective way to reduce legal costs is to proactively address the matters that give rise to litigation early and directly.  Whatever the issue may be, G&H works to create and implement strategies designed to prevent costly litigation while recognizing there are times when litigation is the best option.  In every instance, G&H zealously advocates for its clients inside and outside the courtroom in order to achieve their best possible outcome.


Every day employers are faced with a daunting array of employment related decisions in a workplace that is regulated by an ever evolving body of state and federal laws.  Understanding these laws and making informed decisions can mean the difference between an effective workplace policy and costly litigation. G&H works with employers in order to provide reliable, cost effective advice and assistance on all matters affecting the workplace.  These areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Drafting employee handbooks and policies
  • Counseling about hiring, leaves of absence, compensation, disciplinary concerns, diversity, workplace safety, employee privacy, terminations and lay-offs
  • Conducting internal workplace investigations
  • Presenting training programs, including sexual harassment programs
  • Advising employers on State and Federal legislative requirements including employment documentation, hiring and termination obligations, and workplace policies
  • Guiding employers on issues relating to discrimination, wage and hour, and leave policies
  • Reviewing and negotiating severance and employment agreements
  • Representing Employer in Wrongful Termination Suits