Sex Discrimination, Gender Discrimination Lawyers That Get Results

What is sex/gender discrimination?

Simply put, sex/gender discrimination in the workplace is the unequal treatment of employees based on sex and applies to both men and women. Being discriminated against in the workplace because of your sex is not only unfair, but it’s unlawful. When holding your employer accountable for sex/gender discrimination, it’s essential to understand what it is, the laws against it, and how an experienced sex/gender discrimination lawyer can help.

What are the laws surrounding sex/gender discrimination?

Both federal and state laws protect employees from sex/gender discrimination. Federally, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it illegal for an employer to not only discriminate against an employee based on sex but also on race, color, religion, and ancestry. In 2020, this law was extended to cover gender identity and sexual orientation. On a state level, the Massachusetts Fair Employment Practices Act protects employees from being discriminated against due to their sex, race, color, religion, or national origin.

Am I a victim of sex/gender discrimination?

If you have ever been treated differently in the workplace because of your sex, you may be a victim of sex/gender discrimination. Sex/gender discrimination can take many forms and may be apparent in a case of wrongful termination or unequal pay, or it can be subtle in the form of unwanted comments and gender stereotyping. Some common forms of sex/gender discrimination include (but are not limited to):

Sexual harassment, unequal pay, retaliation, pregnancy discrimination, and wrongful termination are all issues of their own. However, due to the overlap, these may also fall under sex/gender discrimination. There are certain laws protecting employees from each of these particular issues, so working with a sex discrimination attorney can help you determine exactly how you’ve been discriminated against and how to best move forward.

I believe I’ve been discriminated against because of my sex. Now what?

With more than 22 years of combined employment law experience, Greene and Hafer provides the greatest care, attention, and sensitivity in investigating your claim. We will hold your employer or former employer accountable for any unequal, illegal treatment.