discrimination in the workplace

Is there really zero tolerance for sexual harassment in the workplace?

Many companies hand out sexual harassment policies to employees upon their hire which state the company has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment. The policy lists certain prohibited behaviors and encourages individuals to bring complaints of inappropriate behavior to upper management. However, is the company sexual harassment policy worth the paper it is written on? [...]

Court finds anti-gay discrimination is a form of sex discrimination prohibited under Title VII

Massachusetts anti-discrimination laws explicitly prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. However, most other state laws and the Federal anti-discrimination law do not explicitly provide for protections based on sexual orientation. This may soon change. In a recent Seventh Circuit decision, the Appeals Court held that discriminatory conduct based on one’s sexual orientation is protected under [...]

Workplace Retaliation Does More Harm Than Good for All Involved

When an employee reports discrimination, harassment, wage violations, of unsafe working conditions to their employer, they expect to do so without fear of retaliation or retribution.  Unfortunately that is not always the case. Some managers cross the bounds of appropriate conduct and engage in harassment and/or adversely affect an employee’s employment status such as denying [...]

Employment Discrimination: Internal Workplace Investigations

Important information for employers and employees regarding internal workplace investigations Recent guidance from EEOC and NLRB suggests that it may be a violation of law telling employees to refrain from discussing internal investigations. The EEOC recently took issue with an employer who took the typical approach. In a letter to the employer, the EEOC stated: [...]

Employment Law Advice: Top Three Reasons You Should NOT Quit Your Job

In this difficult economy, with jobs as scarce as they are, most of us are relieved just to be employed.  But the fact is that sometimes even hard working people find themselves in unworkable employment situations.  Whatever the reason, whether it is a difficult supervisor, medical problems, discrimination in the workplace (employment discrimination), or some [...]